Thursday, August 11, 2011

Journal On:Power and Responsibility

"With great power comes great responsibility"
Adapted from movie 'Spiderman'.

Power and responsibility are interrelated.As above mentioned ,obvious that with great power comes great responsibility.In the film 'Spiderman' hero the 'Spiderman'uses his power in a responsible way for saving the people from different evil factors that are prevailing in the country.

As,I grew up I became gradually more powerful both physically and mentally.I should use my powers in a responsible way for the development of the nation and society,upliftment of the marginalized and vulnerable people living in the society.With my powers I should be able to critcally think,generate new ideas,formulate plans and use all my potentialites to abolish the society's superstitious ,conservative narrow minded thinking.I should do the things creatively and consciously for the progress of the society.

You can see the riots currently occuring in the United kingdom;never before in the history of Great Britian such events have occured and the devastation it brought to the country.This all had happened because of the negligency in utilizing power by the responsible stakeholders of that nation.If the power had been used in a responsible way then such types of vandalism would have been never ever occured in UK.

So, what i think is that the power should be used in a responsible way then only it brings the positive change in the society.When the power is used in the common welfare and for the progress and the purpose of the people then only the sustainable development of the country is possible.

Hence, what i suggest you is if you posess the power then it is your duty to make right decisons and guide others who are going on the wrong track of the life.

Thus,I think we should realize the effects of power and use them in a responsible way for the benefit of whole humankind.

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