Friday, May 4, 2012

True 'LOVE' And 'Marriage' !!

When you are in true love you will feel or sensitize the strange kind of feeling when you especially see your loved one. And at him or her presence every cells of your body gets excited. This makes you to think that for you him or her is the most important person and he or she may be your good luck charm.

Your heart only turn towards her, it beats one and only for her and you breath for her and it jumps with joy when she is with you and runs like a helter-skelter. Hence, there comes a feeling like that the wishes in your eyes are fulfilled after seeing her.
If you do not see your darling then you will yearn for her and search for her .Have you ever noticed that why this happens. And to whom you love have seen this should explicitly understand that the feelings and yearnings shown by the former. She should question to the self that why he cares her so much and why he worries all the time about her.In addition to that he is willing to take all the pains from her life and always wishes for her bright future and prosperous life.Also, the way your boyfriend lies just for you since he even don’t want to see a single drop of tear in your eyes.

Every time you will think of her and you will dreamt of her not only in nighttime but also in the sunny daytime.
When you are in true love you will like the union with her and you want the hand of him or her for forever. But you should propose her and should not force her if she denies. Since as much right you have to express your love to a girl you like they too have the same right to reject you if they don’t like. However, when you try to force or dominate him/her and get love under threat it will not last long.

So, when both of you truly, madly love each other and want to spend the whole life with each other then it is better that you bind the relationship of your love by performing the marriage.

And the male partner (husband) should be gentle towards her love (wife) and should support her .Here, the husband should understand that she came for him leaving her parents home and it’s the duty of husband to support, love and take care of her after the marriage. Further he should love her more even after the marriage and this happens only when you are in true love. She loves you so much that she is ready to give her world so you should take care of her.
The girl’s (wife) beauty is all and only for her husband and it’s the greatness of
Of the marital relationship and every moment they spend together including the happiness and sorrowfulness is bliss for them. The husband /wife should feel for one another that their loved ones had become his/her breath and they are inseparable since they are inside you(like in the form of air-breath).That is why love turns into fun and frolic in marriage.

After tying the knot with her the husband should look after her like a ‘Queen’. Here, ‘Queen’ in
the sense that you should give her lots of love, care and should respect her feelings and emotions and for this it doesn’t matters you are a poor or a rich man. So, you should be the king of love and should be rich in giving love and sharing the pain of her from the bottom of your heart.

Thus, marriage is beginning of a new life and the marriage has meaning only if it starts with real love.


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