Monday, January 2, 2012

Do you Know that "Google" exits from the Chinese market???

Google made decisions to left china on March, 2010 and it has closed its (China site) and now the Chinese users are redirected to the Hongkong Google site ( and they get the uncensored search results for words like Tibet Dalai lama, Tiananmen Square .This is a Hong Kong based site and due to heavy load the users may experience slow speed.

What led Google to make this decision?
Mainly Google left China because of the Chinas strong censorship policy. Google Senior Vice President David Drummond announced: "We have decided we are no longer willing to continue censoring our results on and therefore google shut down its company offices in china.
Google claimed that China had attacked on the Google accounts information and also they tried to hack the information.Google found that the attackers were accessing the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists. In China they became the frequent victims of cyber attacks.Whereas China saysthey had not done such thing and they blamed Google that to carry out business in China they should follow Chinese rules and regulations just like microsoft and other search engines.

Google always followed the human rights policy and it always tried to provide the real information and it is against the Chinese government censor attacks so, they made decisions to left Chinese market.
They did not feel comfortable to operate in china because of its policy and other unjustified terms and conditions.

Pros of this decision:
Google decisions to not censorship its search engine is a great win or achievements for the protection of human rights through the internet. Due to this its users may increase as it took the great decision in the history.
Now, as it is free from the Chinese market it can more concentrate on its product and services.
As, the motto of goggle is don’t be evil so its decisions against chinese oppressive government is goods and now most of other internet companies will help it by unifying.
Also, google business was not doing well in China so, now they can properly concentrate on other possible markets where there profit margin is high. Chinese search engine ‘Baidu’ have trebled their profits and they hold about 70% of the market in its homeland and as Baidu outpaced the Google in china so it’s difficult for them in Chinese market. Google has about only a third of China’s search market.

Cons of this decision:

It’s a bad idea or decision to move from such a big Chinese market
Google’s decision damages business partnerships in china:
For instance :After that decision Chinese companies like China Unicom decided that it would stop using Google search on their androids and the second biggest operator is taking this step in reaction to Google's decision to provide uncensored search service
Also, benefits of Google staying in china outweigh the cost if they worked following the rules and regulations of the country then they can make their strong base on china and later they would cover most of the e-commerce market. With that vision ‘Microsoft Bing’ is working. So, it may further damage the relationships with Chinese companies.

What you can learn from the decision taken by “Google” ?
 Problem or opportunity must be properly identified. Here, Google has become unable to solve the problems and it could overcome the difficulties arising on the Chinese market.
 While taking decisions all the variables must be considered. Here, Google decision to left China has damaged its business relationship with Chinese business partners and due this it has to bear high amount of loss.
 Alternatives must be generated and we should select a suitable alternative or opportunity by doing the right research and survey.
 Solutions must be properly implemented and the solutions must be properly implemented.
 We also came to know that the positive problem acts as opportunity.

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