Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pregnancy and the role of male partner????

The moment when the child comes out is very joyful to the mother but they have to face several complications while going through this stage.
Especially the females who are pregnant knows how much pain and what sorts of changing circumstances they have to face when they were pregnant.

At this time period most of us all know that she doesn’t have to do stressful works and also she should take proper bed rest and along with that she should take light exercises.

Now in the period of pregnancy if there is more involvement of his life partner who encourages her by providing full support then they she may get relieved from these mental stresses.
During this time the male partner should help her and he should do all the heavy sorts of works, make nutritious food containing the required calories for his wife/female partner.
A female knows that during these labor pain time she have to keep patience but her husband should d take proper care of her, give enough love to her and always should act rationally. Not only that he has to give proper advice to her and he should strictly tell her what she should do and shouldn’t.I mean he should physically and emotionally support her so doesn’t feel lonely and monotonous.

For instance smoking and taking alcoholic beverages are harmful for mothers as well as the health of the baby. So,the male partner should restrict her in doing such things.

Additionally, the duty of the male partner is to take his wife or female partner to the hospital or health posts regularly .Doing, this will give her the expression that everyone is supporting her and everyone loves her so may get rid from all sorts of tensions.

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