Sunday, January 22, 2012

Maria Sharapova the Inspiring Tennis Star!!!

One of the top 10 tennis "Star Player"and a former world no 1.Allof us know about her profession.She is is from Russia and one of my favourite tennis player and also yours.

She is a versatile girl who not only has the sports spirit but she also posess almost all of the good qualites.
She has inspired all of us a lot and by looking her level of selfconfidence,enthusiasm and ambitiousness we can also adapt these qualities and use in our life.

She always aspires and motivates other that they should never be frustrated rather they should work hard and be happy.Maria in her own words says,"Its healthier to laugh than to cry...from the MRI center last night" on September 30, 2011 and the photo below shows that she is not frustrated rather being optimistic that shey can still lead.

One of my professor used to say that life is short but that doesn't mean you cannot do anything in these very small time period.
We always have to remember that the result of the good deeds are always good and the laborious plus smart working will help us to reach at the apex.

And from her life we can learn this.She not only plays tennis as her profession but also in her off time she is busy inolving i collecting the charities also giving sorts of donations to the children.She spents her time with the childrens shares her precious time with these "Kids" and also that makes her self satisfied as well as her small effort could bring the greatest change in these kids life.
And what i would like to say is she is a perfect angel not only because she has gorgeous, charming face and a sexy look and well known public figure but in the sense that she is gentle, kind,helpful,diligent,audacious,children and old-age parents lover ,environment lover.She enjoys spending her time watching the animals ,penguins ,birds flying in the sky,etc.

And let us pray that the Gods good grace and the blessings of all remains with her so that she never have to be sad in her life.

She has also proved and shown to the whole world that females are also equally capable and they can involve in other works too.
Apart from that she is a model and in her leisure time does modelling.

I sometimes becomes perplexed how see manages her time??
But know what i have learnt is that if you have willpower and strong self interest then you can do anyting.

You can become the fan of Maria Sharapova on facebook at!/Sharapova

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