Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Are you planning to do Divorce???

You all have noticed that the number of couples going for divorce is increasing especially you can see in the younger generations. Also, I guess while surfing through internet you have seen the sites which helps you to divorce or date with new ones and the like. These sites are increasing day by day and these have increased the belly of the divorce doing lawyers too!!Right!!

It’s totally your life .But what I am going to talk today is the very serious issue however we take it very lightly. Any guess?? Is it about “Relationships” Yeah! You thought right! I am going to talk about how to strengthen relationships and how to stop from the clutches of divorce.
Mainly we can see the practice of doing divorce is at highest rate in developed nations like USA, Canada, UK and so, on.
The main reason for this is these nations people are busy working and they have very hectic schedules so, they could not keep their promises or commitments .Since they did not get the enough time for these personal relationships things.
And, due to the excess workload tension they become frustrated and frenzied.

So to get out of this kind of topsy-turvy situation and in order to maintain the sound relationship they should try to make the romantic atmosphere full of amorous love .For, this they need to cooperate and mutually understand each others feelings, sentiments and judgments.

They can make out the time and with common accord they have to move on.
For instance: In the public holiday day you can go for barbecue or for a candlelight dinner or you both may goto the beachor other touristic places and enjoy the panoramic scenes and do chitchat.
In these places the couples can hold one another hands, kiss each other and make lotta love there.

If that’s also not possible and they could not go on for trips then on your own sweet home kitchen one day the husband will make the savoring foods of her wife’ choice and vice-versa.

By,doing this intimacy, proximity and closeness increases between the couples and also the need for one another is emphasized.
I’ve seen many people who become alone and many of them committed suicide as if they are a coward or drank too much and ruined their whole life.But, you have to Live! Live! and Live! And surmount the dark side of your life.
Thus, what I want to say is that you have to overcome this not by going for divorce but by adhering with one another and strengthening the bond with full of love, trust, sympathy.

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